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Photo of Gypsy's nine kittens December 2005


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We live near Cambridge, UK, and for over 20years bred Maine Coon Cats.
We loved the different colours, and as well as brown and silver tabbies, we often had creams, reds, torties and blue tabbies, some with white. Our kittens were home reared in chaos with the children. The children often kidnapped their favourites to take to bed, though they were known to complain they got no sleep because the cat/kitten purred in their ear all night. Or bit them when they stopped stroking it.
We aimed to produce happy, healthy, spectacular kittens which grew into even better adults.

Although we have stopped breeding now, we will leave the photos for you to enjoy.

photo of red kittne in watering can
Butterball & his daughter, Kevina



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We wish to thank Jane Jinkerson, Margery and Kevin Maskell, and Nina Asquith-Rhenius
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